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Letter of Introduction from Ms L Croke (Headteacher)

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Learn With Your Child – Parent Feedback (Modern Foreign Languages)

"Very informative. Good to see interaction between class colleagues and rewards for excellent work."
"Very good, helped me to speak more fluently and know what food is in Spanish."
"Very informative. Good structure to the lesson. Enjoyed ‘Learn and check’ style. The food was gorgeous !! :-)"
"I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s lesson. It was really informal and beneficial."
"Good examples of the teaching process. A good light hearted way to engage the pupils to encourage learning."
"Fantastic, great insight into language lessons. Learnt some Spanish myself. Well worth coming."
"Good food, good fun, a great way to experience the classroom situation and understand how lessons are taught."
"Clear delivery of lesson, helpful and informative for understanding how languages are taught in college."
"Fun way of learning. Very interactive. Constant clarification and guidance shown by teacher."
"Very well done. Lovely food. Great way to teach children Spanish."
"Very helpful thank you. It was great to see what the students have to do in class."
"Impressed at the way the teacher teaches languages and captures the children. We thought it was useful to learn real life experiences."

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